Friday, July 1, 2016

Max Meadows & Wytheville, Virginia - May 12, 2016

After the trip through the mountains, we settled in a valley at Pioneer Village Campground close to Max Meadows, VA.

Views of Pioneer Village Campground showing the hills in the background that we enjoyed from both inside and out of the Bounder.

Took a day trip up in the Southwest Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains along the Big Walker Mountain National Forest Scenic Byway. This 16-mile byway showcases beautiful mountain scenery. Along the way, we stopped at Big Walker Lookout & BW Country Store and did not climb the 100-foot tower. This byway travels through the Jefferson National Forest. We continued down the mountain toward Wytheville and followed the path of Toland’s Raid as part of the Virginia’s Civil War Trails.

Unfortunately, we spent a considerable amount of time during this stay, at Bob Huff Chevrolet in Wytheville to have a new brake booster installed on the car. Some of the expense was covered under warranty. The dealer had a car take us back to Pioneer Village and picked us up when our car was ready. One of the days, when we were there, they invited us to a buffet lunch they were having at the dealership for their employees. Nice people....

After a one week stay, we headed through the mountains toward Weston, WV. Continuing north along I-77 and encountered the second tunnel. The "Big Walker Mountain Tunnel" a  4,229 foot tunnel under the Virginia/West Virginia State Line. Once again, I was driving. We took a shortcut on US Highway 19 from I-77 to I-79 and continued northeast to Lewis County Park in Weston WV. 

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