Friday, July 22, 2011

Minnesota Summer (part 3)

I drove part of the Otter Tail Trail, one of Minnesota’s Scenic Byways, expecting to see Inspiration Point and one steel sculpture in Vining, MN of The Foot.
I did, of course, see The Foot and didn’t expect to see so much more!
101_0919         101_0921
101_0922        101_0920

These are scattered around this small town.
101_0915     101_0917
101_0916                      101_0911

And these are all in the park.
101_0901      101_0889
101_0890                   101_0899
101_0896     101_0898
101_0906                   101_0908
101_0905                   101_0909
101_0894         101_0895

I missed some sculptures.

Back on the trail to an unexpected site and it must not be a state
site since it was open.
101_0927     101_0925

So I hiked up the hill and you could see for a loooong way, the
flag on the pole and nothing else. It was a beautiful day for a hike.
101_0928       101_0932

Then again the Minnesota State Government had their say:
101_0936      101_0935

Fortunately, at the bottom of Inspiration Peak is a very nice
restaurant and it was getting late in the day. After a good meal,
the drive back to the RV park was about 45 minutes.
 Otter Tail Trail

I certainly did not see all of the Otter Tail Trail. I’ll save the rest for another year.
Minnesota Summer part 4 will be the last. I’m heading for Missouri August 1st. The annual conference for Missouri Community Betterment is October 16 and 17. Until then I’m scheduled to be in Branson assisting with conference preparations. For the fourth year, I most likely will be judging communities for the statewide competition, the week of September 11th. I’ll also make a few trips to see Mom before heading to “Snowbird Country”, in Aransas Pass, Texas!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minnesota Summer (part 2)

Alexandria, Minnesota is about 20 miles south of this RV Park. It’s the closest town for most shopping and has a good farmers market.

I enjoyed the the museum, which has exhibits showing Norse history and the discovery of the Kensington Runestone. There is a video with evidence of Viking Exploration of North America during 1362.
runestone[1]    101_0957

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph 28’ tall Big Ole
101_0955    101_0954 Big Ole Sign
I looked out one morning this past week to this sight from my window
101_0948    101_0947
This rig was one of many that I saw in Minnesota. I think its enough of a challenge to pull one vehicle much less two.
Here’s another variation for camping, it’s a fish house, ice cabin, or fish trailer. Covered holes in the floor provide ice fishing in comfort. The body drops down or the wheels go up, depending on how you look at it, putting the trailer on the ground. Since I’m not from this far north these were new to me. (and I’m not hanging around to experience the ice fishing part, see you in Texas the first of November.)
The Great River Road from St Cloud to Little Falls was a great day trip.
Great-River-Rd-Logo_thumb1      101_0820_thumb
101_0821_thumb1   101_0823_thumb1
The Mississippi sure got wider than it was at Itasca State Park.
Possibly even wider than normal with all the rain this year.
101_0825_thumb1   101_0824_thumb1
101_0835     101_0834
Unfortunately, I took this trip during the time the Minnesota
government was shut down, so some sites that were closed.
101_0845   101_0844  
101_0846   101_0847
101_0849    101_0851
101_0853     101_0854
Part 3 of Minnesota Summer includes my trip on part of the
Otter Tail Trail (say that fast three times). One of the towns on this
trail has many interesting, large and whimsical steel structures. I
also experienced another Minnesota government closure.