Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Stop Bryan-College Station (continued)

The George Bush Presidential Library & Museum

The library and  museum document the lives of George H and Barbara Bush. Pictures and stories about each of their childhoods as they grew up. Their wedding, his military service, raising their family of two sons and the loss of their three year old daughter to Leukemia. His career in the oil field in Midland, Texas.

George Bush’s political life including a replica of the Oval Office.

And of the State Dinning Room.
As I was wondering through the exhibits, one of the guides told this story: Do you see the small gold bowls on the table? He had ask many people as they came through, how they thought the bowls were used. Most guessed either finger bowls (much too small), bowls for salt (no small spoons for salt) or possibly for butter.
One day a couple strolled into the exhibit, the gentleman came in first. The guide said to him, I’ll ask your wife if she can identify the use for the gold bowls. The man turned to the guide and said “they are used for mints”. The guide wanted to know how the man knew the answer. “Because,” he said,” I was in the Navy and that is how a formal dining table is set.”

The the Presidential Limousine

A sculpture of the President
I saw several people in the chairs beside the sculpture checking their phones. 

This library and museum will give anyone visiting a wonderful lesson in our history.

There are so many more things to see in this area, but once again, I am out of time. Tomorrow it will be the day to pack up. Monday I'll hitch the truck to the fifth wheel for the next stop on this adventure.

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  1. Hey Ann, This is Carol from the RV park in Bryan. I am so sorry I wasn't able to come by and visit some more. I really enjoyed talking with you. We had a little septic backup issue, that took more time than I wanted to give it. Safe and Happy travels, I look forward to following you on your adventure.