Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Playing with Food or is it “Too Much Time on My Hands”

I was accused of having too much time on my hands (I really don't) however, this was a challenge from my youngest sis. She sent the following email:
I know you go to many gatherings that you take food, so I thought I would pass this link along. Thought the penguins were neat. Maybe too much work.

It’s the “Maybe too much work” that’s the challenge. I just had to try. So here is the experiment:
16 Large Black Olives
16 Small Black Olives
16 Slices from the large end of a carrot
16 Toothpicks
Soft Cream Cheese

Green Onion
Cut a triangle from each carrot slice and stuff the triangle into the small black olive. Stuff each large black olive with cream cheese. Assemble using the toothpick. Tie a strip of green onion top around the neck for a scarf, if desired.
Some of these were taken before anyone was allowed in the food line!

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