Monday, December 26, 2011

2008 R-Vision TrailSport TS23FDS

Most of these modifications are so simple that surely someone else has written about them. But then again, maybe because they are simple and easy, no one has and perhaps you can use one or two or pass an idea along.

March 2009 Brand New on the dealer’s lot
After pickup in April

The outside hasn’t changed much, just has a few miles. I have added: scissor jacks, vent covers, LP tank covers, a new lock on the outside storage door, padlock and hitch lock on the hitch, cable lock on the spare tire, a ladder/chair hanger, tire covers, screens on the refrigerator and furnace vents.
Floor plan with the dinette in the front and three windows this is the best place to work on a computer or sewing machine! The slide-out with the sofa is a really good place to relax in the evening with a good book. The bathroom is just big enough. My biggest wish is to keep close to this floor plan with a walk around bed. (Monaco’s R-Vision is not making this model as of 2012 model year.)
This photo is of the original dinette
and it hasn’t changed too much. The above cabinets hold groceries and dishes. I haven’t counted the number of 3M hooks I’m using, but to the right is one with my caps. Behind the left seat is my ink jet printer, camera and every present “tissue box”. Behind the dinette seat under the printer are office supplies. Underneath that seat is the outside storage which is holding the utility supplies (water, electric and sewer). The 30 gallon fresh water tank is located under the other dinette seat.

The panel behind the table makes an excellent bulletin board. There is a narrow ledge behind the table, since the electrical outlet is below the right side cushion of the dinette seat. It is diffecult to access. This is how I've solved the problem with a small amount of velcro:
This photo is of the original kitchen

I've added to the kitchen: a paper towel holder, knife rack, Brita water filter, new water faucet (the original leaked), key and mail holders. soap dispenser, indoor/outdoor thermometer, hooks with hot pads and a few photos. The outdoor portion of the thermometer is attached with velcro under the front window rock guard.

The mailbox is hanging on 3M hooks.      

Ironing setup (yes! I iron!!)

Photo of original slide with sofa

I added the laptop table. The shelf behind the sofa is a good place for books, a lamp and a couple of baskets for storing small items. There is additional storage behind and underneath the sofa.

Photo of original bedroom. There is storage beneath the bed along with the furnace and water heater.

I added the quilt, pillows and storage units including shoe storage shown under the corner of the bed. There are three stackable units in the bunk. So along with the shirt wardrobe on the back wall I have plenty of storage (all of it is full).

And I made a bedside "table" that hangs on the wall beside my pillow within very easy reach. It is also hanging on small 3M hooks.

There are a few other things I’ve accomplished, which I will share a later time. Some of the additions are in the bathroom, pantry, cupboards and ways I secure things during travel.

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