Friday, August 5, 2016

Barn Quilt Trails, LeRoy, NY - June 11, 2016

LeRoy, New York is located in Genessee County, 30 minutes south of  Rochester and one hour east of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Barn Quilt Trails have become popular in many communities. The LeRoy Barn Quilt project was initiated in the summer of 2011 by the LeRoy Historical Society as a contribution to the Town of LeRoy for its 2012 Bicentennial. The first bar quilt "Jell-O Jigglers" was painted during the Oatka Festival in July 2011. The plan was to paint and install 20 to 30 in the next year.

The project was so popular that in less than a year, over 75 quilts were completed. In 2013 the number exceed 100. There are four trails and maps are available in several places in LeRoy and Batavia. The six page brochure including maps of the trails in PDF format is available to download at

During this trip and a previous one in 2013 I have photographed 23 of the Barn Quilts. This is a collective pictorial of both trips. Most include a photo of the building where the Barn Quilt was attached.

Jell-O Jigglers

Nine Patch Scrap

Mariner's Compass
Railroad Crossing 

Night Bright

Carpenter's Square
Maple Leaf

Stained Glass
 Air Force Star

Shadow Ray
No Place Like Home
Grandma's Puzzle
Gather Round the Campfire

Knight Star

Eastern Star
Emperor Tulip

Log Cabin
Corn & Beans

Friendship Circle


Donna Sue Groves of Adams County Ohio developed the concept of Barn Quilts with her wish to honor her mother. She eventually came up with the idea to have a "sampler" of twenty quilt squares that could be along a driving trail inviting visitors to travel through the countryside. The first Barn Quilt on the American Quilt Trail was the Ohio Star installed on a building at a green house that allowed for a public inaugural celebration of the first quilt trail.

According to "This simple idea has spread to over 48 states and Canada and the trails continue to grow. Over 7000 quilts are part of organized trails; dozens more are scattered through the countryside waiting to be discovered."

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