Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meridian, MS “Around Town Carousels Abound”

A public arts project of over 60 carousel horses, “Around Town Carousels Abound”, represent the historic carousel. Each one is painted with a unique design by a commissioned artist and has it own sponsor, either  by a local business or citizen. They are placed throughout the city and surrounding area.

Outside of Hope Village for Children is a special horse called Faith Riding Hope and is a partner to this project since it ‘s beginning. Proceeds from the carousel exhibit benefit Hope Village The Village was founded in 2000 by Sela Ward an actress and native of Meridian, to provide hope, shelter and treatment for neglected and abused children. 044-15 Faith Riding Hope 29 (1)

Your Horseness of the Queen City stands in front of the Meridian Lauderdale County Tourism building.
001-1 Your Horseness of the Queen City 7

In front of Modern Outfitters and Faulkenbery’s Bridal
Gypsy is prancing.
002-2 Gypsy 32 (1)
Appropriately outside of the Meridian Little Theater stands Horseplay with a necklace of piano keys and ballet slippers hanging from his saddle.
007-3 Horseplay 35 (2)

Named for the Northeast Lauderdale School’s mascot Trojan Express stands at the beginning of the drive to the Northeast Elementary School.
011-4 Trojan Express 49 (2)
On the side of the Barham Funeral Home is the carousel horse named Memory, with an angel painted on his neck.
013-5 Memory 39 (1)

”Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is attained by a righteous life”, Proverbs 16:31, painted on Crown of Splendor stands on the grounds of Aldersgate, Methodist Senior Services center.
018-6 Crown of Splender 28 (4)

Painted with houses, flowers and fields, Homestead Horse is placed at the entrance to Winstead Realty.
019-7 Homestead Horse 33 (1)

Right in front of Edna’s Super Mart Package Liquor is Spirit of the Vine with grape clusters pained on his neck and saddle.
026-9 Spirit of the Vine 47 (1)

Clothes Horse with red lips and net stockings is just around the corner from Rhonda’s Connection.
029-10 Clothes Horse 27 (1)

The American bald eagle the United States national bird symbol and the “Betsy Ross 13 Star” flag painted on Freedom placed on the property of Bedingfield Perfect Collision Center.
039-13 Freedom 30 (1)

This is one I found was untitled and not listed in the local brochure, apparently newly place since the brochure was written. In front of "Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers" fast food restaurant:
033-11 Not Listed  (2)

There are so many more to discover about town. Again I wish I had more time to spend in this delightful town…..

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