Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minnesota Summer (part 4)

In July, I spent an interesting day in Wadena, Minnesota with a friend.Wadena MN (1)Their Farmer’s Market was small but I bought beets, onions and green beans. It’s always wonderful to have fresh produce for meals.
Wadena MN (2)
The BN Park has several sculptures:
Wadena MN (4)       Wadena MN (5)
Wadena MN (7)     Wadena MN (8)
And the old restored depot that is a museum:
Wadena MN (3)
In the same park the Wadena Lion’s Club was busy setting up their annual Turkey Barbeque Dinner. The best eating out is usually from local organizations. True for
this meal.
Wadena MN (12)     Wadena MN (9)
Wadena MN (10)    Wadena MN (11)
Wadena is known for “Murals of Minnesota”. They all have tabs or cutouts that look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. It is supposed to be the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. This one is very three dimensional.
Wadena MN (13)   Wadena MN (14)
Wadena MN (17)              Wadena MN (18)Wadena MN (19)    Wadena MN (15)
These were all in an alley. There are many more throughout the town.
Wadena MN (20)       Wadena MN (24)Wadena MN (26)     Wadena MN (28)Wadena MN (29)
On my drive to Wadena I drove through a couple of small towns.
Berta, MN
Bertha MN (1)Bertha MN (2)      Bertha MN (3)
Eagle Bend, MN
Eagle Bend MN (1)
I left Minnesota on August 1st during a thunderstorm with strong winds, treats of hail and tornados. It was the sixth time the weather center warned of possible over 60 mile an hour winds, quarter size hail and tornados. Fortunately, only one of the six had any hail but all six had very high winds and a lot of rain.
I’m in Smithville, MO in a Corp of Engineer (COE) park that’s leased to the city. The day I pulled in here it was 107 degrees with super humidity. I haven’t had a blanket on the bed or run the heater since I got here and thankfully the RV has an air-conditioner.  Good ole Missouri. Next stop: Branson for a couple of months. Work calls!

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